Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Finally - Tour of my workshop

I have been slowly working on little things here and there. After moving into our new house, we purged big time and the things we didn't get to, got shoved back in the closet and put on the back burner. Case in point, my daughter's closet and our office closet. Both were packed to explosion status with baby stuff.

After much deliberation and reality checks, we have decided to stop trying for a second kid. Because of this decision there was no longer a need to keep the baby items anymore. I pulled out everything baby related and re-organized. With reorganization, I decided to get back to my long long long long to-do list that I have been procrastinating on.

I don't know if anyone else is like this, but I find it impossible to start new projects until I have completed the projects I already started. Maybe I'm an exception. I am a stickler for follow through. I will follow through on everything I say I'm going to do, it just sometimes takes me longer than expected. Because of the need for completion, it may seem like I am not doing what I said.

I am now complete with my explanation as to why I have not been posting videos as I promised. But that time will come shortly. I have one more video I started that I have to finish, then I can start new videos again! Yay!

Drum roll please...... Introducing my workshop.

Any my solution to bulk elastic storage.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Make your kid some leggings

This is quite embarrassing, but it took me nearly a year to complete this video of kid's leggings. I made this a downloadable pattern about a year ago and proceeded to film a video of Emily and myself sewing it together.

It was before we closed our store, maybe last April or May. It is now February and all I had to do was add the waistband and hems. Talk about a long term project, but its complete and doesn't even fit my daughter anymore.

This pattern is available on my website for 99 cents, so no big investment to try it out. I included a coupon code in the video to get it free for the first 10 people. I hope you enjoy it.

As you can tell, I am trying to catch up and restart where I was a year ago. This isn't the only video either. I have at least 3 others I started but never finished. Those are my future goals, you know, between finishing my pattern drafting book and raising a family.

By the way, I need to gain 500 YouTube subscribers or I lose some of my channel privileges. Please share and subscribe. Thanks in advance.