Monday, December 26, 2016

Video Hiatus for the Holidays

I'm keeping quiet for a few weeks during the holidays as we are chilling with the family. I'll be back with more videos in a few weeks, but until then, enjoy this happy family photo. Happy Holidays Y'all. Stay tuned for announcements in January with big sales coming too.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Video Blast of PolyPattern Tutorials

I had intended to hold on to these videos for later publication, but I encountered an issue when I went to do a tutorial on how to digitize with PolyPattern, so I decided to just go ahead and release the videos. They would be a little out of order for anyone who is unfamiliar with the software.

The series I just released I filmed a few months ago when I was grading my California Dreaming Bra. These videos show you how I graded it, then imported it into Illustrator to make them pretty for downloads.

I was planning on doing the digitizing tutorial, then a truing tutorial, a basic drafting a sloper, a bra drafting sloper all within PolyPattern prior to releasing this set. I changed my mind. I wanted to show how easy the software is to use for the grading and converting to download.

If you are interested in this software, you can download the demo version under the Books & Downloads tab. Play around with it and let me know what you think. Once you test it, I can give you access to the pricing info. Its actually not bad compared to other CAD software, I just can't publish the prices to the world. You need to be a secret agent to get that info. It is in lines with the pricing of Wild Ginger's Cameo Pattern Design and Grading modules.

I will be doing the videos of everything mentioned above, but I am heading off for the holidays in a few days for a couple weeks, so videos will pick back up in January. Although I did just create a legging pattern from kids aged 18 months through size large in kids. If I can get my butt together and do that video today, that will be the last one before the end of the year. If I don't get to that today, then I wish you all a Happy Holiday! If I do, I'll post about it before.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

The complexity of altering a bra sloper

I created this draft of a stylized bra design from my completed draft. It a bit complex if you have never done pattern drafting before, but know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. When manipulating a pattern you need to remember this important rule - what you take away from one piece in volume you need to make it up on another pattern piece.

This isn't going to result in a perfect fit after each pattern alteration, so it is important to test the fit prior to moving on to good fabric. I wish you all luck in this journey. The more designs you experiment with, they more knowledgeable you will become.

Here is my challenge. Draw a bra design and submit it to me for a drafting tutorial. I am open to as many as possibly. Let me know what your starting bra is and we can work from there. Not all designs must be created from your initial draft, so if you are daring, maybe submit the new design and scan and send in your starting pattern as well. The more challenges I receive, the more education I can pass on. You can email them to me at jennifer at porcelynne. For me to post, I will need to know which pattern you are starting from (if its another design out there) with the link to the product so I can share it will everyone.

Here are your videos for today.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Splitting the Lower cup from the Bra Draft

I have done a few new videos and this is the latest. This takes the drafted bra sloper we created and splits the lower cup for fit. This will help you get a better idea of the fit. Splitting the lower cup is really just for practice as you may not want a cup with a straight seam across the cup with the split lower cup. This is a good first step to understanding the manipulations involved with changing a bra draft.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Introduction to PolyPattern

I can't believe it has taken me this long to create the intro video for PolyPattern. I have created about a half dozen videos on grading in the software, but I haven't made those live yet. For those interested in PolyPattern Design, take a gander at the interface. I realize that my new computer screen is a little big, so the next video I will zoom in a bit.

If you are intrigued, check out the software details on our website. Download the demo version under Books & Downloads.

Monday, December 5, 2016

This post is to remind me in the future

What better way to remind myself of how I did something than to write a blog post about it. Actually, other people might find it useful too.

I recently got a new desktop with Windows 10. I have been working on laptops for the past 15 years and forgot how nice it is to have a desktop. I have to remind myself not to slam the screen down on the desk at the end of the day like you do to a laptop. That could just be disasterous.

Anyway, I am using this old plotter and as I searched for a solution to do this, I learned my printer is "obsolete". All recommendations were to get rid of the printer and get a new one. That is the biggest problem with society these days. Instead of fixing something, people just throw it away for something new.

Well this old HP DesignJet 700 Plotter prints and still works. The problem is that my new Windows machine doesn't recognize the driver and won't install it. No solutions out in the ether either. I found work arounds when I had Windows 7 on my laptops, then Windows 8 happened, then Windows 10. The computers it was previously installed on still printed on my "obsolete" printer.

Any by the way, if it works, it is not obsolete! It prints out my patterns perfectly. I bought the plotter for $100 on Craigslist. We replaced the belt and had to clean the print heads, but this thing has worked for me for the last 3 years and its still running. For a new printer, I'd be spending at least $1000, and I really don't want to spend that.

Ok, my work around to get it installed on my new Windows 10 desktop. We originally set up the printer as a network printer with its own IP address. That I don't know what we did. You'd have to have my husband about that. On one of my laptops, I booted it up and turned on printer sharing. On my desktop, I opened up the control panel and select to add a printer. I first connected to the network printer through the laptop. I had to enter in the password for the laptop to get it, but it installed all the drivers to print through it. I even tested a page and it printed.

First thing was done. I then thought that what if I install another HP printer with some listed driver, then named it my HP DesignJet 700. Once I created this printer, I opened up the Printer Settings and went to the Advanced tab, under the drivers, there was a dropdown list of the installed printer drivers and then I selected the one for my DesignJet. Voila, the printer is officially installed.

I removed the original shared printer and now I have a working "obsolete" printer working with my Windows 10 desktop.


Sorry to all my regular readers that this was super boring, but its a good way to remember what I did.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Bringing my Bear Back to Life

I have this awesome big stuffed bear. I've had him my whole life. He has traveled to NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles and now resides with me out in the mountains. I've loved this bear. I used to dress him in my clothes as a kid.

I played with him so much that he starting falling apart when I was about 10. That's when I started fixing him. I stitched up all his holes over the years with all sorts of colored thread. I even resorted to gluing the stitches together when the thread didn't hold.

He has been through so much with me, and now its my daughter's turn to be his friend. She has been wanting to play with him, but he sprung another hole recently and had to do a quick fix with duct tape.

My my daughter's 4th birthday, I decided I wanted to fix him. I took him all apart, re-sewed him and restuffed him. They are kind of long videos except for the last one and I didn't have a good angle on the camera, so you can't see everything, but I published it anyway. My daughter is fascinated in watching my videos of making things for her.

Happy birthday my baby girl!

Altering your Bra Pattern for a Different Size Wire

I worked on this little video after I had a few questions regarding using a different wire size with my bra pattern. This one is specifically for changing the wire size, but not the wire type. I will work on a different video for changing the wire type.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Bra Sewing Tutorials - New Design Release

Happy Black Friday everyone! I spent most of Tuesday filming this video set and finally finished editing it down this morning. This series features my lovely daughter as a contributor and as a distraction. Its appropriate since we spend the holidays with family.

The sewing tutorial can be used for many bra patterns. This specific set is my new pattern release called California Dreaming. The size range is for 32F through 44J. I might be able to add a 46 range once I receive my new wires, but currently there aren't vertical wires for that range.

Here is your shopping list:

Cup and front band fabric - nonstretch preferred, you can use bra lining fabric or a stable fusible tricot or woven to help stablilize it.

Back band fabric - powermesh or lycra. If it doesn't stretch much, cut your band a little longer and adjust for fit before finishing the bra. If it stretches a lot, make sure to check fit before making your finishing touches.

Seam Tape - I use "Seams Great", but you could also use strips of soft tricot cut at 1/2" wide.

Wire - designed for verticals. This bra design is really for more projection and the vertical wires work better for that. I'll be posting modifications for using a regular wire or my coming soon flat wires.

Waist band strapping - about 1 yard needed. I use a 3/4" plush strap elastic for this.

Elastic for neckline - about 1/2 yard needed. I use foldover elastic for this.

Elastic for back neck/band - about a yard needed. I use a 3/8" plush strap elastic for this.

Hook & Eye Closure - 3 row

Straps - You need about 1 1/2 yards of strap elastic. I use 1" and cut them at 24" long each so I can adjust the fit as needed.

Hardware - I used matching 1" rings and slides.

You can play around with the supplies for construction, but these are what I used. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Sale!

I felt a little left out with all the Thanksgiving sales so I decided to have one of my own. All our digital products, including patterns and books are all 50% off until this Sunday. That's my Thanksgiving gift to you. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Post You Have Been Waiting For

I finally was able to finish the drafting for the bra sloper. Its in 4 parts. It gets pretty mathematical, so be forewarned.

Enjoy. Coming soon will be pattern alterations.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Completing a Mid-Week Personal Design Challenge

This is a continuation to the design I started on Friday. I added pockets to my daughter's skirt. Nothing new to report otherwise. My kid stopped officially napping at school last week and she is downright cranky-mean in the afternoon. Hopefully she will adjust to this no nap thing and be nicer.

Now she is being goofy and playing with stuff in the shop.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Personal Creative Challenges

I used to be so creative, then I had a kid. That kid shows me how creative she is, so I think its time for me to show her how creative I can be. I am making it a personal goal to do a Friday Creative Challenge each week. I actually did one a few weeks ago, but I haven't edited it yet, so my first one is from yesterday.

I took apart an outdated skirt with embroidery on it and re-purposed it into a layered skirt for my daughter. And she loves it by they way. I'm going to add pockets to it next week with the left over embroidered pieces.

Friday, November 11, 2016

To Error is Human

I never claim to be perfect, so please never quote me as so. I actually skipped a step when drafting the back of the band, but this video shows you how to compensate for missing the step.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Drafting has Commenced

To put a smile on everyone's face, I have finally filmed my first set of drafting videos for creating your own bra sloper. I'll keep this short, as I know everyone wants to begin drafting yesterday, so here it goes. Happy watching!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Without a voice

I got caught up on all the little things that needed to get done around the shop, including getting my office reorganized, clearing off the tables that just collected everything and its cousin and getting my new computer mostly set up.

Well, those were my priority before I could work on any videos, then wham! I lost my voice. I wish I had scheduled differently, maybe had done some of the videos before those other things, but alas, I didn't.

I have a squeak for a voice right now, but I need to finish some of my computer pattern drafting videos before working on my hand drafting videos. Why, you might ask? Because I had to do the work anyway, so felt it made the most sense to tape those at the time. Besides, I only plan to release one pattern right now and the videos walked through the steps of that one pattern.

Anywho, enough of my run on sentences. I will try to squeak through the last of the computer videos today so I can start on my hand drafting videos on Monday. Also, I'm not releasing the computer drafting videos quite yet. Those won't be released until I do a full introduction on how to work with PolyPattern Software. Wish me good health and have a great weekend. Only 4 days until our fateful election day and only 5 days until the end of the world.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halloween Fun

This year is the first year Emily understands the concept of dressing up. She has been trying all sorts of combinations of costumes. In this photo, she has bumble bee arms, ladybug wings and a cowboy hat.


In this photo she's a princess and astronaut. I try to tell her she can be everything she wants to be. That was the best advice my parents gave me growing up.

Friday, October 28, 2016

I goofed again

For those of you getting ready to follow my draft, I just realized I goofed on a chart in my new book! Agg! I did this last time too. I swear all this math will get the best of me yet. I posted a bra size chart in one of my videos and it was off by 2 sizes on everything! I triple checked that stupid wire chart about 10 times and changed it that many times as well before the update of the book. I know it was correct, so a little gremlin must be sabotaging me. I'm so sorry if someone bought the wrong wire based on my video. I will make it up to you I promise.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Final set of measurements for the custom draft

I had intentions of getting this video done on Monday, but my shop was a disaster and I had to work on cleaning my desk off. I finally completed clearing my desk off yesterday, so here is the promised video. Please disregard my difficulty in holding my wires for measurements. Please measure in front of a mirror and not in front of a camera.

These directions are what you will need for your custom drafted sloper. I'll begin recording the drafting tomorrow, but they might not be available until next week.

Another reason I have been slow to post is that I've been working on grading a new pattern for my website and in the process, I recorded the steps with the software on how I did it. Those won't be available until after I complete the drafting directions, so know I have some goodies coming soon.

I make a mistake in the video when I'm talking about the wire size I'm using. See if you can find it.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Preliminary steps for drafting your own bra

I made a couple "raw" videos on measuring. These are just the first steps. There will an additional measuring video once we begin our draft. I will be filming the draft in many steps and will so shorter 5-8 minute videos of each step so its easier to keep up. But for now, this first video is a basic how to measure for your "standard" bra size. I put standard into quotes, because no body actually really fits a standard size.

The standard size measure is to find your starting point. In this video I measured 37 under and 41 over and chose the 38 band to work with. One thing I didn't mention is that if I were to try on a ready to wear bra, I might also try the 40 band, but step down to the I cup.

Bras are complicated and there is really no one right way to do it. So take a deep breath and forget the numbers and letters you are coming up with and just go with the flow.

This second video is to help you determine which wires to try out when ordering. The larger the cup, the more challenges you might have, so you might need a wider range of wires to test. If you are smaller, meaning you are less than a G cup, you can probably try the suggested wire and then go up and down a size to test too. Bra making in its initial steps is going to be expensive, but once you have the hang of it, you will be creating beautiful bras and at a fraction of the price you'd be buying them in the fancy stores.

UPDATE: Before watching the following video- print this following chart out. I published the wrong size chart in both the video and the first printing of the book. I just updated it, so any new book purchases after 11-1-2016 should have the correct chart.

Remember that most places you order wires from do have a return policy, so extra wires can always be returned, but as a small business I need to express - you will be responsible for shipping costs for returns whether the wires you order fit you or not. And I know this goes for all the other bra wire suppliers out there too. Wires do not come in a one size fits all package. There can be hundreds to choose from, including demi, short, long, etc. The draft we will be working on is a full coverage "block."

This means that this draft can be manipulated into other shapes and sizes, so your initial draft might not be the best shape for you. We will get to that after our draft. See you soon for our draft.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Giveaway for a Website Review

We relaunched our website about 2 weeks ago and I think I finally have worked out all the bugs. Now I need your help! Take a minute and check out our website The fill out the following questionnaire for a chance to win 1 of 5 downloads of my second edition of Bare Essentials: Bras. Thanks in advance!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Introductory sewing lessons for free

Since the entire premise for starting my school was to make sewing lessons available for all, I have started to do some intro videos for my YouTube Channel. I'm still 58 subscribers away from being able to give my channel a proper name, but I know I'll get there. I have created two introductory lessons.

This video explains how to thread and operate a sewing machine.

And this video explains how to sew a french seam.

I'll be continuing to add additional videos to my channel, from beginner levels to advanced and even some creative projects. I have 6 videos planned for the following week, but I'll be happy if I complete 3 of them. They are actually quite fun to do.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Drafting a Bra Sling Tutorial

I created this lower cup sling idea about a month ago when I was having issues with my cups pulling out of shape on my bras. I mostly use woven fabrics with no stretch, but when you have a lot of weight hitting the bias of the fabrics, it made funny creases on my bra that were visible on the outside of my clothes.

I drafted this cup by thinking of the engineering of a bra and also the engineering of life. I though that if I could distribute the weight across the inside of the cup with a sling (like a hammock) it might take some weight off the cup itself. Anyway, I'm a J cup and this actually did the trick for me. I can't say everyone will have the same results as me, but I had a lot of requests for me to post directions on how to do it.

Since I'm trying this whole video thing, I decided to film it instead of me trying to photograph the steps then write it all down. Video is so much easier. Here is your video.

Sewing a Simple Lace Boyshort Tutorial

Here is my first sewing tutorial for YouTube. I know I sound nervous at the beginning, but I'll get the hang of it soon. I am offering the first 50 downloads of the pattern for free using the code embedding in the video, although think they are mostly gone at this point. Even if you didn't get it free, it only costs 99 cents, so you really can't go wrong.

Shopping List:
2 yards of a wide lace 5-8" wide
Scrap square of jersey fabric - cotton or whatever you have around. I've used old t-shirts in a quick minute for my jersey lining.
Pattern from

I had to break the video into 3 parts, because the maximum length is 15 minutes right now. You will also notice that I mess up, my machines messes up and I make mistakes. I like to be real and you get it all with me. I did clip some of the screw ups out, but this is a typical sewing day for me. Enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

New Years Resolution in October

I'm starting earlier than I've ever started before for my New Years Resolutions. The first resolution is to post more. The second resolution is to do video tutorials. The third resolution is to focus on what I love to do.

I recently relaunched my website with lots of new features and migrated back from a wordpress blog to blogger. I can't stand wordpress. It is such a pain in the butt to do anything with it. It is also not secure, so here I am, back to the blog I started years ago. Luckily it was easy to transfer all my posts over from the other platform.

Anyway, back to the website. We added some really awesome features and are still trouble shooting little hiccups with the site. We added a rewards point program so you can earn 10% back on future purchases, a nifty affiliate program so you can make money off me, a wishlist, dynamic images and cleaned up the categories a bit.

On another front, I rewrote the bra book and relaunched it in July. Yeah, not sure why I didn't post about it, but here I am. The link to the new book is on the blog sidebar, but if you are reading through an RSS reader, search for "Bare Essentials: Bras Second Edition."

Besides that release and the web release, I have also released my own YouTube Channel. Yeah, like I didn't have enough to do. I decided it would be easier to film tutorials than blog about them, so here is my channel. 

I can get a custom channel once I have at least 100 subscribers. I launched it on Monday this week and already have 37 subscribers, so I'll post when I have a new one.

I'll keep this short and post my intro video. Enjoy and I hope you subscribe.

Monday, May 30, 2016

And Day 23 Happened

I really had good intentions when starting my count down. It doesn't help that I've been sick for 2 weeks. The first week the illness was in my head and I couldn't concentrate on anything and the second week I had literally lost my voice. That's the first time that ever happened like that. My voice is finally coming back after 9 days without it.

I just have to shake this illness completely before the 15th of June or I won't be able to see my folks.

On the creative front, we did go to Maker Faire in San Mateo last weekend. It was somewhat fun with a 3 1/2 year old, but she is going through this obsessive compulsive phase where all she wants to do is the same thing over and over again. It made it hard to actually find new things to do.

We also hit the Exploratorium in San Francisco last weekend which was also cool. Emily loved it and it was really hard to get her to leave. I wish they had an Exploratorium Mini Museum that could contain about 20 activities and would be designed for the parents that want to leave after 2 hours with a 3 year old. That place seriously just went on and on and on. Its amazing that the whole thing is built on a pier.

Between the illness and short little family vaca up to the Bay Area, I have been working on rewriting my bra book. Not the whole thing, just 3 chapters of it. The measurements, the drafting and the grading chapters. I'm excited to finally get this second edition written.

Our summer camps are to begin in 7 days from today. I'm excited to do some new activities with the kids. We will be testing out several projects next Saturday so we can properly teach them. We also have our first radio ad going on the airways starting today. I sure hope it helps keep our summer busy.

We still have lots of prep work for our school. Since I've been sick, I haven't had a chance to film our training sessions, so we are about 2 weeks behind on those, but I hope to catch up this coming week before camps start. I still have about 18 classes to write, so my summer is bound to be a busy one.

I must go get my second cup of coffee now, so until my next update, have a great week.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I think I should be on Day 35

Yeah, this experiment is failing miserably. I had a headache for the last 2 days and its finally gone, but now I have a sore throat. I sure hope I kick this in the next 2 days before my mini-vacation to the Bay Area.

I fixed 2 dying sports bras yesterday by replacing the elastic. Yay- a second chance at life. I stretched them out when I was pregnant and really just didn't want to toss something that was fixable. I also made an adjustment to some new bras that the underwires were poking me in the back. Yeah- I said the wires were poking me in the back. Its a little ridiculous.

I know I have big ladies, but please- wires do not need to support my back anymore than they need to support my neck. I seam ripped the underwire channeling off about half way around the cup and reattached it where it should be. Now I just need to find a wire that will fit in it. I tried the 50, but it was a little short. I will try the 52 and if that doesn't work, I'll just cut down the wire I took out of it to fit.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Adjusting strap placement

In this sample we are moving the strap placement.

Step 1: Draw in your seam allowance at 1/4"


Step 2: Take your two patterns pieces and overlap the seam line and tape down.


Step 3: Use the french ruler and reshape the strap position


Step 4: Cut off change and tape down to the new position.


Step 5: Separate the two pattern pieces.


38 Days Until I'm 40

I have had a pretty busy weekend, but I am feeling quite accomplished. I finally sat down to work on my pattern book. Anywho, it actually motivated me to work on the second edition update of my bra book. And I mean I was motivated. I completely rewrote the last 3 chapters of the book.

Why the last 3 chapters you ask? They are the grading chapters and I have been working tirelessly on bra grading for a client, so I have perfected my directions and wanted to tackle those first. I still need to add the computer grading directions from my software, but that shouldn't take too long.

I still want to work on some other rewrites in the book, mainly the cup drafting and the introduction chapter, but the rest will remain the same. I am glad I finally sat down to do it. I have really been dreading working on my books for a really long time. I really have no idea why I have been dreading it, but I have. It wasn't that bad to get back into, so I'm hoping this is just the beginning of me writing again.

Perhaps this writing/creative challenge I have given myself is helping me out. I guess its kind of like exercise, you dread it until you actually start doing it, then its cake. Hmmm, speaking of cake, I would really like a slice. Maybe the corner store has some. I'll go investigate.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Days 41, 40 and 39

Trying to write something daily is virtually impossible for me. I really just lack the time. Between being a mom and running a business, I barely have time to brush my hair, let alone take 30 minutes from my day to write or do something creative. But I am trying!

Emily had a Mother's Day/Father's Day performance with her class on Friday. It was her first performance. She was super cute. She was in the Farmer and the Dell skit and was the dog. I had to make her the brown pants for her costume because they don't sell brown pants this time of the year.

Once she was on stage, I noticed she was also wearing the scrap skirt I made for her (which was not part of the costume). I think she just loves that I made her stuff and wanted to show it off. I wore my scrap skirt yesterday too, so she was even more excited that we were matching.

I had planned to take the last few hours of Friday to do some stuff for myself, but we got our big shipment from China so that became my focus for the day. This weekend I may try to get back to reupholstering my round chair. Its just been sitting downstairs for almost 3 years wanting me to work on it. Perhaps this is the weekend it will happen.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Creative Day 42 of 45

If you are looking at the dates, you are probably noticing they aren't really on the days they are supposed to be on. I worked my brain pretty hard yesterday doing some pattern grading on some bras. It was pretty intense to the point that I couldn't speak in sentences that made sense.

I did accomplish something I had been striving for - finding a pattern in grading that I can take to other projects and then write updated directions for my bra book. I've learned a fair amount about bras since I wrote my book so I am planning on releasing a second edition fairly soon.

Luckily I already updated the book for the previous set of changes I made, I now just have to sit down and update the grading portion. Oh what fun, I say sarcastically. As for creative challenges for yesterday, I'd say that the pattern grading was it. It was humoring the mathematical OCD part of my brain.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My 3rd Day and Day 43

I actually did creative stuff on the 43rd day, but I was so exhausted when I got home I just passed out. I made myself and my daughter skirts from our huge box of scrap fabrics. I am having difficulty posting pictures on here as my husband has locked down my site and WordPress specifically.

That's a programmer for you, that and the 25 character alpha numeric password he throws on everything. I plan to figure out the posting pictures thing and update all of these creative posts with them.

Yesterday was actually a pretty productive day. I had an employee call out sick, but I had created a to do list for her and for myself and lets just say I completed her list as well as most of mine. That explains my exhaustion I suppose. I'll keep this one short as I need to finish drinking my coffee.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

44 Days to Count Down

Today marks the second day towards my creative countdown. Today is also Mother's Day. Today is 44 days until I turn 40.

I wanted to celebrate this day of motherhood by just hanging out on the couch with my daughter. I wanted to introduce her to Goonies. She lost interest after about 35 minutes, which was also the length of time it took her to eat her popcorn. I didn't get to spend the day with her in my lap, but she is becoming a big girl and doesn't need mommy all the time anymore.

I enjoyed Goonies on my own. I have watched it so many times that I don't really need to watch it to watch it. I actually inspected the DVD before putting in the player and wondered if it would play at all. It is so scratched up. I think it spent a year on and off sitting on top of the DVD player and being played repeatedly.

I just hope that one day Emily will have the same appreciation as I do in that movie. It's fantasy and innocence and heroism and hope all wrapped up into a tiny little DVD.

My creativity today is just writing, as my original goal in today was to touch up my grey roots and add purple tips to my hair. Lets just say neither worked. The dye burned my scalp so I removed it after 20 minutes, so now my roots are "creatively" splotchy grey and the purple, you ask? Well that looks grey too. Needless to say today's dye job was a fail in my books. I normally get a dye at the health food store, but I went to Sally's and picked the no ammonia professional dyes. I'll probably be redoing it in the morning to hopefully get the grey. I might try the purple again, but I used most of the bottle and am pretty much unimpressed.

Anyway, that's my day. Dinner is almost ready and the chocolate lava cake(s) in the freezer has my name all over it.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

45 Creative Things in 45 Days

A friend from high school decided to write 90 stories in 90 days, leading up to her 40th Birthday. I love the idea as it being a journey into the 40s. I decided I could make an effort to bring my creativity back to life by doing something similar.

90 days is a long time, and heck, I'm going to be 40 in 45 days, so lets do this thing, but do it my way. I haven't written anything creative in a long time. In fact, I barely do anything creative anymore.

I actually had to write it on my "to do" list this last week for me to make something for myself. Did it happen? Not really, but I did make a big fake fur covered floor pillow for my daughter at the store. It kind of counts. It was a creative used of an old foam mattress. I hate to throw things away that could be re-purposed or reused, so I took our old foam mattress and re-cut out the cushions for the couch I reupholstered, then used the last bit for this floor pillow.

My daughter loved it. She jumped up and down on it just like she does on our bed. She even pulled up a step stool to climb on it just like uses to climb on our bed. She didn't need it, she was just being silly.

What I had really wanted to do was take a box of silk scraps and make a gown with it. I will put it on next weeks schedule, so maybe I'll get a chance to do it. Isn't that a little sad, I have to schedule my creativity.

I always seem to find an excuse to do something business related in my spare time and not actually do something for myself. I'm actually quite disappointed with myself that I haven't been the creative self I have always been. Motherhood kind of changed my focus, then business took over my focus, then I just plain forgot to make time to do it.

Here is my pledge:

Over the next 45 days, I will post something daily - whether its just writing about life, maybe a short story, a cool project I have completed or just some fun stuff I do with my family.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Introducing Porcelynne's Design Institute

Our school is officially a non-profit design school! Well, it didn't just happen, we received our status in November.

I have been so busy working on developing our curriculum and running my business I haven't had a chance to really share this information. We launched a fundraising campaign for the school. It can be seen here:

We have also received a little press about our project as well
Press Enterprise

Redlands Daily Facts

More to come soon!