Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cat Nap Sunday

I can't say that I am one for napping, but after the hike we went on today, I needed one. And what made things better was that the cat napped with me.

I've been trying to figure out what my next big project will be. I'm itching to start something new, but knowing that our house needs work, its hard for me to designate the time to my projects. I have a finished design template for my sewing tutorials, but I have very little drive to compile them. My energy level is zilch.

My goal for one week from today is to get my first sewing tutorial up and to finish my personal custom bra.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pattern alteration needed on the bra patterns

I just made myself a very pretty bra, but forgot to follow my own directions of testing the fit before actually cutting the good fabric. I discovered that the pattern for the top cup that I have included in my book may need to be altered. When I made my sample, the strap point on the front cut way to far to my arm.

To make a quick fix of the top cup, trace off the top cup onto another piece of paper. Fold the two ends towards each other. Crease the center clearly. Open it back up and take the side with the strap placement on it and fold it towards the center crease line. Line up the edge of the cup to the crease line and press the new fold line. This line marks the 1/4 point on the cup. From this point, begin your strap placement. I just altered the 34G and had to move the strap placement over by a full inch.

Sorry the image being sideways. I can't figure how to rotate the image in Blogger.

Monday, April 2, 2012

New projects

Now that the bra book is complete, I can start one of my many other projects. I've started by putting together a pattern and sewing tutorial that is a stand alone from the lingerie books. Each tutorial I'll be doing is for a specific design and will utilize the basic patterns I have available on my website.

This is the first design. I made it to fit me and I realized that I have no good way to photograph it. I have a mannequin but it is a size small and this is a large. Maybe I should make my samples in small. The only issue is I want to wear it!

This is the back. It is super cute. I think I want to name it "Super Hero," just because it looks like something Wonder Woman would wear if she were to glam it up. It has a ruffle elastic that spans from the front leg to the center back.

My graphic designer, Tania, is working on a layout design for the tutorials. I think I will make them available for $2.99 per tutorial and also make them available for e-readers. The patterns won't be included, otherwise the price would have to be higher. This way I am able to make the tutorials more affordable. I plan to have a couple prep tutorials available for free with a few basic sewing tutorials.

I know some people would prefer I do video, but honestly, I think it would be a pain in the butt to have to keep hitting pause as you are doing the steps.